Autism is a disability of a person’s mental development that affects especially in communicating and relating people around. But, what are really the causes of Autism? Can we cure it? See the answers below.


Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism – Signs of the

After decades of passionate debate, parents probably missed the repeated admissions by drug companies and governments alike that vaccines do in fact cause autism.



Psychiatric Study into Autism causes Media to urge caution – Autism Daily Newscast

Autism Daily NewscastPsychiatric Study into Autism causes Media to urge cautionAutism Daily NewscastA study conducted by the University of California’s MIND institute and published in Translational Psychiatry on September 22 has cased some outrage in …



Campaign aims to unlock causes of autism – Science Media Centre

Autism researchers have launched a new campaign aiming to draw together scientists, health professionals and the community from across New Zealand to facilitate understanding and treatment options for Autism Spectrum





Possible causes of autism –



What Causes Autism? Two Short Stories

Dr. Rubenstein shares his insights on two potential causes of autism. Series: M.I.N.D. Institute Lecture Series on Neurodevelopmental Disorders



Causes of Autism

Dr. Max Wiznitzer discusses the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to Autism Spectrum Disorders.



Hello guys! Welcome to our page, all about health. There are a lot of possible causes of mental disorders. We could acquire it from our genes, family history etc. In this post, we’ll be showing the possible causes of mental illness.


When the Kids Aren’t All Right – Pacific Standard

Pacific StandardWhen the Kids Aren’t All RightPacific StandardPerou told Reuters more research was needed to determine the specific causes of mental disorders, and that greater awareness could lead to an uptick in diagnoses. A host of environmental f …




There are many causes of mental disorders. Your genes and family

There are many causes of mental disorders. Your genes and family history may play a role. Your life experiences, such as stress or a history of abuse, may also matter. Biological factors can also be part of the cause.



Image via Flickr

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What causes mental illness? – Patheos

As psychiatrists we are taught the biophsychosocial model for the cause of mental illnesses. Note that this is written as one word, which is intended to indicate the unity of each of these aspects. As Christians we would include




800,000 Americans & 3500 Cndns commit suicide every year. Mental disorders are one of the most prominent and treatable causes of suicide.



Cause of Mental Health Disorders: Chemical or Trauma? Psychiatrist Colin Ross & Corrina Psychetruth

Friend us: Cause of Mental Health Disorders: Chemical or Trauma? Psychiatrist Colin Ross & Corrina Psychetruth Psy…



Mental Health: Does a Chemical Imbalance Cause Mental Disorders? Psychiatrist Tells the Truth

Mental Health: Does a Chemical Imbalance Cause Mental Disorders? Psychiatrist Tells the Truth Psychiatrist & author, Dr. Colin Ross, discusses the chemical i…



Welcome to our page. In this post, we’ll be talking about health. Here, we’ll be showing treatment tips for those who has Alzheimer’s disease. Must read.


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Health Tips- Three cheap vitamins could work better than

Smith is an inventor on three patents held by Oxford Universityfor B vitamin formulations to treat Alzheimer’s disease or MCI. Vitamin B12 is found in liver, fish andmilk and folic acid in fruit and vegetables. Deficiency of folate




“Catalytic Trigger” for Alzheimer’s Disease Identified, could lead to new treatments and drugs:



Researchers Identify Protein That May Be Key In Alzheimer’s

much remains in the dark. However, step by step, science is getting closer the causes of these diseases and how to treat them. Another such step was made by Israeli researchers recently. News: Researchers Identify Protein That May Be Key In Alzheimer’s Treatment. Has the cause for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s been found? Send Tips. We would love to hear your suggestions for stories! Click Here To send us your story!



Anti-Cancer Drug Reverses Alzheimer’s Disease In Mice – Medical News Today

Nature.comAnti-Cancer Drug Reverses Alzheimer’s Disease In MiceMedical News Today… M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in Pitt Public Health’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, said, “We believe these findings make a solid case for …



Alzheimer’s Care – 7 simple tips | The Good Care Group In-Home

Keeping it simple maximizes energy and minimizes the possibility of exhaustion. Here are seven tips that are easy to adopt and implement in your daily caregiving schedule when providing care for someone with Alzheimer’s



HOW TO make JUICE to help prevent CANCER and ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE – Juicing fruits and vegetables

HOW TO make JUICE that tastes like liquid candy and strengthens your immune system to fight cancer and other disease and illness FREE JUICE RECIPES for begin…



Welcome to our page. Do you have mental problems? Alzheimer’s disease is one of the mental problems that occurs when we grow older. Here, you’ll find the causes of this disease. Check this out!



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The Neurological Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease | Markas – News

The Neurological Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease. Word Count: 464. Summary: There is still no real understanding of the causes of Alzheimers disease. However, there are scattered clues that may eventually coalesce into a




Herbal Remedy Ginkgo Fails to Stem Alzheimer’s Slide | Fisher …: Much has been made of the promises of the h…



Alzheimer’s Treatment Clinical Trial Receives Clearance – PRWeb – PR Web (press release)

PR Web (press release)Alzheimer’s Treatment Clinical Trial Receives Clearance – PRWebPR Web (press release)Neurological Recovery Guide and Neurological Wellness Center have been facilitating recovery from Alzheimer’s disease since 2010. Although the …



the Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease | Alzheimer’s Resource Center

Over the years, scientists have not really understood completely the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. In most of the cases, there is no one single reason behind this disease; but several factors, which affect different persons differently. The age of



New Alzheimer’s Treatment May Come From Discovering How Plaques Lead To … – Medical News Today

Wall Street JournalNew Alzheimer’s Treatment May Come From Discovering How Plaques Lead To …Medical News TodayAlzheimer’s disease has two key hallmarks: accumulation of amyloid protein plaques outside brain cells and of neurofibrillary tangles of t …



Causes of Alzheimer’s disease

Innovation Academy student Niamh McGarry, PhD Trinity College Dublin researches the causes of Alzheimer’s disease.



Welcome to our page. Do you know what are the causes of sleep problems? Here, we’ll be showing the primary causes of insomnia. Check it out!


Insomnia Problems- Symptoms, Causes & Prevention

It is a very common medical condition that particularly means inability to catch the significant amount of sleep needed by person to get up the next morning all refreshed and charged up.


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The Underlying Causes of Insomnia « Sage Clinic

Some of the underlying causes of insomnia are due to an interruption of the physiological processes that induce sleep. Stress, emotional turmoil, digestive tract inflammations, reproductive as well as adrenal and thyroid




#Gemini can get so highly strung and restless that this could lead to bouts of insomnia.



What is Insomnia and how to treat sleep problems

Take a look at our Insomnia solutions listed on our website Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which a person experiences poor slee…



Welcome to our health page. Experiencing insomnia? Here, we’ll be showing ideas and remedies to cure insomnia. Check it out!



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Image via Flickr












Top Home Remedies For Insomnia

Among the various health problems, there are many that physically affect the being of a person and yet others that have a psychological effect. Among the.



Insomnia Cure: Hypnosis May Help Overcome Insomnia Call 07900 240192 for an appointment. Help stop Insomnia for good with hypnotherapy and NLP treatments. Insomnia is a very common condition. Whilst it is possible to ‘cure’ insomnia with sleeping pills.


Hey guys! Welcome to our page, health. Here, we’ll show you different mental disorders and treatments. Check this out!


Several Mental Disorders Share Some of the Same Genes

A new report reveals that major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia — and possibly autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder — may not be.












Understanding Treatment Options

There are many treatment options for mental illness. From group therapy and cognitive therapy, to medications, like paxil, xanax and klonopin, to more extreme options, like electroconvulsive therapy, mental health issues can be manage.


Types of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a complex mood illness comprising several diverse types. Learn what makes each unique.



Welcome to our page! This post is all about our mental health. Find out what’s the role and how it affects us. See the articles below.


Mental Health Checkups as Important as Annual Physicals

It is common practice for an adult to visit their physician every few years to get a physical. The visit is often a preventive or maintenance encounter.


ACA mental-health plan’s growing pains

PoliticoACA mental-health plan’s growing painsPoliticoAided by the health care law, some states have already put in place a model that creates a dramatically different way of caring for Medicaid mental health patients.




Some of same folks who say mental health programs, not new laws, will cut gun violence, back sequester that would end MH services for 350K.




Dr. Drew: McCready 5′th ‘Celebrity Rehab’ cast member to die, feared mental health stigma.



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